We design and build homepages for cool companies. Here's some recent work:


We work with companies to create bold digital experiences. Our background consists of building applications across the stack, but we're especially keen on creating visually enthralling homepages. Why? The internet is noisy, attention spans are short. Strong imagery, though, will always leave a lasting impression. Sites are designed and coded by Nikk Wong (who also founded Fractals.

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Your questions

How does it work?

First, you email us. We chat about your project and brand a lot. We define styles that you like, and look at other work that you’re a fan of that you’d like to emulate.

We'll spend day one defining the content and sections for your homepage. Once that’s been agreed upon, we'll create a visual style and color guide that we’ll use for the project. After that’s been agreed upon, we will implement that visual style, which will take us through week one. We’ll  be talking a lot.

Week two is much less collaborative, we will mostly be heads down coding the project up. Once it’s delivered, we’ll go over revisions and everyone goes home happy.

I like your illustrations. Can you include those?

Depending on the project. If you must have them, please make sure to request them specifically.

Are you available for other work?

Yeah, as you can see the portfolio is kinda small so we're just trying to get the ball rolling. Just email us and we'll be glad to set something up.

What format will the assets you create be in?

Always up to latest web standards. Graphics will be delivered as SVG. The source HTML files will be written in pug (jade), and the source css will be scss or sass. We're comfortable with writing source JS in whatever you’re using, including Typescript, coffee, etc. but if you have no preference we'll default to js.

I like your work but prefer a different visual style.

That's not a problem. We're also into learning new things and exploring new boundaries so we'll try to push our limits for your project.

Will you work from our office?

If you're located in Seattle, yes. We typically work out of coworking spaces in and around Seattle and Toronto, but we love collaborating closely with others and there's nothing like meeting in person.

Is expedited delivery available?

Erm, 14 days is already pretty fast! But, depending on our schedule, we might be up for it.

How many revisions do your clients get?

Unlimited (within reason). 🙂

Ready? Email us, or: