Build AR apps that stick to the physical world

A simple API for persistent augmented reality

Augmented reality with Jido

Jido is bringing in the next wave of AR where digital content can have a shared and persistent life in the real world. Our API uses intimate understanding of a users spatial context to preserve AR experiences across users and devices. Our research team came out of the Stanford Artifical Intelligence Labs and the Cornell Robot Learning Lab.

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Persistence matters

The need for persistence

Add the ability to save

Save the location of your user's objects 3d space so the objects in can be revisited between sessions.

Build apps that live in the real world

Finally you can let users store content in physical space for others to discover.

Synchronize multiple users

Precisely share AR sessions across unlimited users. Now, everyone can see the same thing.

  • Deep learning meet AR

    The best relocalization engine the industry has ever seen, all in one API call.

The best persistence package

Jido leads the way in sticky AR

  • Simple to use

    Our library only requires a few lines of code to add a save button to your app today.

  • Scalable

    Built to scale whether you are just tinkering or deploying to millions of users.

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